[Show] them, We are Rising!



Cadet Jasmine Wells

  "I just wanted to thank you all for awarding me with this scholarship opportunity and recognizing me at the award ceremony last week! I look forward to working with you all in the future and having the opportunity to give back to Savannah States AROTC program." 


Cadet Christopher Johnson

 "With this scholarship I feel as though I have gained aid necessary to my future and for that I would like to thank the donors. I intend on using the financial assistance to purchase books needed for my major classes necessary to graduate from Savannah State University." 


Cadet Shermia Fluker

 "Next year I won't have restless nights about how I will pay for my books because I was selected as a recipient of this educational assistance award. Hearing my name called in front of the company to receive this award is a great honor and is something I will remember as long as I live." 


Cadet Krystle Suetopka

 " It is an incredible honor to be the first member selected to receive this scholarship award. It will prove to be an immeasurable contribution to my academic success and buying the necessary supplies to perform at a higher level. I would also like to say thank you so much to all the donors. This means so much to me and I wish I could shake all your hands personally for your unselfish contributions."