[Show] them, We are Rising!


2019 2LT Commissioned Officer


 Congratulations to 2LT Timothy Ellis  on accomplishing his goal of becoming the newest member of the strongest fighting force in the world. His commitment and duty to this country can not be overstated! We look forward to your leadership. 


2020 1SG Kenneth E. Duff. Scholarship


!!!Coming Soon !!!

NCOs are the backbone of the military.  Just as many Officers know, we couldn't do half of the great things without the support and guidance of our NCO Corps. The Kenneth E. Duff. Scholarship is provided by members of the NCO Corps and will be awarded to a deserving Cadet who has proven that competence is their watchword and no one is more professional than they.

About Us


Our Team

Our amazing team of devoted SSU Army Officer volunteers are committed to uplifting our future leaders and giving back. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Join our team once you commission and help to support your program.


Our History

Graduating from the "llustrious University by the Sea" and having a thirst to reach back to support our ROTC program we developed a team to do just that. Tigers Lead Inc. was founded out of a sister organization Great Youth Inc. that sponsors youth development outreach programs throughout the US. The supporters have distributed three scholarships since 2016.


Our Mission

We focus on making the maximum positive effort to support the cadets of the Savannah State University Army ROTC program. Through mentorship, scholarship, and fellowship we aim to uplift future Junior Officers and leaders. We will create a strong legacy and network to provide support and show the world that we "Lift as we climb"!