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1SG Kenneth E. Duff

1SG(R) Kenneth E. Duff

Mr. Duff has valiantly served the U.S. Armed Forces for over 29 years in multiple assignments and countries answering his nations call with honorable service. His duty expands beyond the homeland to Germany, Korea, Iraq, and Doha Qatar. Mr. Duffs successful completion of three combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom during the height of the war enabled major success within the region. During his service, Mr. Duff truly embodied the value of the Army’s “backbone”.  Early on, Mr. Duff volunteered for overseas assignments moving his family and quickly promoting within the NCO corp. He held multiple MOSs to include 13E and 27T and consistently stepped up to take greater positions of responsibility seeking mentorship and leadership opportunities in order to better serve his nation. His experience and flexibility allowed him to serve in dynamic positions within the army to include two assignments as the Operations Sergeant Major and four assignments as a unit 1SG. Serving with honor and distinction, he received over a dozen awards and recognitions to include 2 Bronze Stars and 4 Meritorious Service medals. Mr. Duff was also incepted as a member of the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara and Honorable Order of Samuel Sharpe recognized for his faithful service to the copr, the Army and the nation. Mr. Duffs apparent unselfish and unwavering sacrifice to this country of almost 30 years did not go unnoticed. His devotion is acknowledged by his family and members of his purview thus reciprocated by the establishment of the Kenneth E. Duff aka “Backbone” scholarship, because NCOs are now and will forever represent the “Backbone” of any command.  


While we greatly appreciate your support to our cause and support for the Savannah State Army ROTC department, the 1SG Kenneth E. Duff Scholarship is privately funded by members of the NCO corp and the Duff family.